Translator from Latvian to Kazakh

Online translator

Online translator

Supported Languages

Our multilanguage online translator supports language pairs for the following languages:
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian
  • English
  • German
  • Latvian
  • French
  • Polish
  • Kazakh

Entering Text and Language Pair Selection

Please type or paste an original text in a form above and choose a language pair from drop-down box. For example, for translating from English to Ukrainian you should enter text in English to a form window and to select "English" and "Ukrainian" from drop-down boxes. Press the button [Translate] and you will get the result of translation - Ukrainian text under the form.

Specialized Dictionaries

If an original text for translation relates to the specific subject, choose the specialized dictionary from a drop-down box, for example, Business, Internet, Law, Music, etc. A general dictionary is set by default.


Translation quality depends on the correct spelling in the original text. We advise to use Spelling. Spelling works for the Ukrainian, Russian and English languages.

Virtual Keyboard

If a specific keyboard layout is not present on your computer, take advantage of a Virtual Keyboard. A virtual keyboard is offered for Russian, Ukrainian, English, German and French languages.