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Erechtheum, a temple on the Acropolis in Athens, the most important monument of the Lonic style, including a fine example of a porch of caryatides.
Monument of Lysicrates, a choragic monument in Athens to the victory in the contest won by Lysicrates in 334 b.c. when he was leader of the chorus. From a slender square base rises a small round temple, six engaged Corinthian columns surround it's circular wall and support the entablature, on the frieze of which there is a representation of a scene in the legend of Dionysus, over the entablature is a flat dome made of a single block of marble and from the center of the roof rises a final of acanthus leaves, formerly crowned by the tripod which was the prize of victory. It is the earliest known instance of the Corinthian order used on the exterior.


Kazan Kremlin is an integral architectural ensemble, saving the lines of all rushing past above him centuries. He is framed by high white-rock walls with characteristic loop-holes and thirteen hip towers. Above all sight of Kremlin is standing into him seven-layer travel Tower of Сююмбеки in 58 meters high, the characteristic profile of that is visible from everywhere and composition counterbalanced by the contour of the travel Спасской tower located on the opposite end of Kremlin. Once Kazan Kremlin was surrounded by water from three parties. From a north the border of fortress was the river of Cauldron, easterly are three lakes, and westerly the рукотворной water border of city-fortress was the channel of Булак, laid by the ancient Tatar builders and connecting to Cauldron with a lake wild Boar. This channel executed both defensive and navigable tasks - on him commodities from Volga and Cauldrons were delivered under the walls of city. In medieval times of wall of Kremlin were bulk, oak, but from within he