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Please read the operating Instructions through completely before using the appliance for the first time!
Danger of suffocation! Children can suffocate through the improper use of packaging materials. Dispose of them immediately after unpak-king or store them in a place that is out of reach of children.
After unpacking, check the appliance for da-mage that may have occurred during transportation. If necessary, contact your supplier. Place the appliance on a dry, flat and heat-resistant surface.
Do not place the appliance near inflammable materials or explosive/ignitable gases. A minimum distance of 10 cm must be maintained to all other materials.
Ensure that the ventilation slots of the appliance are kept free at all times. Risk of overheating! Before plugging the appliance in, check that the electricity type and mains voltage matches the information given on the type plate. Do not place the power cable over sharp edges or close to hot surfaces or objects. These may damage the


Читайте операционные Инструкции полностью перед использованием бытового прибора впервые!