Онлайн переводчик

Colleen & Co. Notaries10 Fulham High StreetLondon, United Kingdom.SW6 3JH.

Dear Aleksandr,

We are in receipt of your correspondence and I wish to inform you that I can stand
as your guarantor if you can meet our requirements. But before I proceed to letting
you know about how to secure the reputable services of a loan guarantor, first I
would like to enlighten you on what the role of a guarantor is on a loan process.

A guarantor is someone who will stand as a surety for you on a loan process; as
surety I am fully liable to the lender as a borrower. What that means is that if you
are unable to make the monthly repayment to your lender either because of your
health reasons or because your business has failed or because of economic hardship,
The guarantor will step in your shoes and make repayment on your behalf until you
can meet up and begin your monthly repayment again.

Also the guarantor will ensure that the lender follows the agreement to the end and
through legal means


Notaries10 Фулем Коллин