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Forty ago Gordon Alford was on holiday when he decided to ask some famous footballers for their autographs. Since that time he hes collected 7000 autographs of famous peoplt. He hes thirteen specially made aldums fjr them. Most of his autographs are from famous actors, musicians and athletes. Every weekend Gordon leaves his house before seven in the morning to go and stand outside radio and television stations. He hopes to catch anyone famous coming in or going out. In the evening he waits outside London theatres.
Aytographs can be very expensive. For example,an autograph from any of The Beatles ( a very famous rock'n'roll group in the 1960s) may cost as much as 1,500. The highest price anoyone has paid for an autograph is 1,320,000, which was for President Abraham Lincoln's signature. And the autograph that every collector would love to have is the signature of Williav Shakespeare, the famous English dramatist who died in 1616. A collector could pay more than two million pounds to


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