Онлайн переводчик

все почалося з того що англійський турист приїхав до франції.Він невмів розмовляти по французькій й вирішив піти до ресторану!


all was begun with that the English tourist arrived to франції.He невмів to speak on French and decided to go off to the restaurant! Calling there he sat down for a dinner-wagon and to him a waiter walked up a tourist took a menu and пказав on the first that was on a book in a few minutes пренесли soup him he gave to drink and to him щераз suited waiter a tourist again took a menu and showed a finger in the middle of list and soup was again brought him but tourist of нехотів soup he wanted something second and he showed to the waiter on останє that was on a book and him bring tooth-pick him go out from restaurant distressed томущо so непоїв something on