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У літку багато розваг


All love vacations, because during vacations it is possible to rest and beautifully spend time. It is possible to do, that want, it is not needed early to get up, and it is not needed to do domestic tasks. It is possible to travel, to engage in the favourite types of sport or other personal interests.

More for everything I love summer vacations, because they are most protracted. Now I want to you to tell about summer vacations which I conducted in Crimea.

I was there first. I many years dreamed to go to Crimea, and my dream came . true my father said This summer, that we can go on the Black sea. I could not believe own ears. I asked again him, whether he did not crack joke, but he said, that already bought tickets on a train to Симфирополя.

on July, 5 we drove out from Kyiv to Симферополя on потязі. But the aim of our trip was Alushta, that is why from Симферополя to Alushta we were reached on a trolleybus. When we reached to the Crimean mountains, I was staggered by picturesque kinds which before saw only on pictures. A way roamed among mountains and soon we
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