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The plant, owned and operated by Constellation Energy, has two 2700 megawatt thermal (MWth) Combustion Engineering Generation II two-loop pressurized water reactors. Each generating plant (CCNPP 1&2) produces approximately 850 megawatt electrical (MWe) net or 900 MWe gross. Each plant's electrical load consumes approximately 50 MWe. These are saturated steam plants (non-superheated) and are approximately 33% efficient (ratio of 900 MWe gross/2700 MWth core). Only the exhaust of the single high pressure main turbine is slightly superheated by a two stage reheater before delivering the superheated steam in parallel to the three low pressure turbines. Unit 1 uses a General Electric designed main turbine and generator, while Unit 2 uses a Westinghouse designed main turbine and generator.[1] The heat produced by the reactor is returned to the bay, which operates as a cooling heat-sink for the plant.

Unit 1 went into commercial service in 1975 and Unit 2 in 1977.[1] The total cost of the


Установка, владеющая и управляемая Энергией Созвездия, имеет два, 2700 теплового (MWth) Горючего ВТОРОГО двухпетельного Технического Поколения мегаватта герметизировало водные реакторы. Каждая генерирующая установка (CCNPP 1