Онлайн переводчик

Music is a universal language , and its charm lies in what it communicates to different people . The same piece of music can arise various emotions . They depend on the musician , the listener and the number of other factors . Music offers up refreshment from our daily routine , it washes away the dust of everyday life from our souls .Music has accompanied people through the ages with wonderful melodies , harmony and songs . Ancient people listened to the sounds of nature and believed in their strong power over them . From the first beats tapped out by our ancestors to the sounds of modern digital tunes of the new millennium , we have been continuously enchanted by the mystery of music patterns . Native music in any culture is creative and very much alive. Today's artists and composers use their national tradition in music as their starting point . They try to use the possibility to adopt elements of the world around them in order to make their expressions more personal.Music is the


Музика - універсальна мова, і його чарівливість бреше в тому, що це повідомляє різним людям.