Онлайн переводчик

One Sunday Agnes and her mother went to the zoo. Agnes was very excited. She was interested in everything she saw.
"Mother, look," she said. "There (to be) a monkey in this cage. It (to eat) an apple. Now it (to give) a bite to another monkey. I (to think) monkeys (to like) apples very much."
"Yes, dear," said her mother.
"Now I (to want) to go and see the lions and tigers. Where they (to live), mother?"
"In that big house over there. Come along."
Agnes enjoyed herself very much in the lion house. "Mother," she said, "the tiger (to want) a drink: it (to go) to the dish of water there in the corner. And the lion (to look) right at me. You (to think) it (to want) to eat me up? When the lions and tigers (to have) their dinner, mother?"
"The keepers (to bring) them great pieces of meat every day at four o'clock. And they (to make) a big noise before their dinner time, so everybody (to know) they (to be) hungry."


Оне Сундай Агнес анд хер мотхер wент то тхе зоо. Агнес wас верй еxcитед. Ше wас интерестед ин еверйтхинг ше саw.