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LESSON 24 Restful and Restless Steps

Interaction of mode steps is carried out on the basis of their restfulness and restlessness and on their interval correlation with the tonic and among themselves. The first step, as the most restful and mainstay centre of the mode system, gravitates everything that is restless. The third and fifth steps also belong to the restful tones. But their restfulness is less than that of the first step. They are restful because they together with the first step create harmonic mainstay of the mode — restful tonic triad. Restful mode steps are surrounded by restless tones on two sides. Restlessness of restless tones is determined by their interval correlation with neighbouring restful steps. Aiming of the restless steps to the restful ones is called gravitation. Transition of restless steps into restful ones is called mode resolving. The movement of restless steps to the restful ones may be carried out differently.

Direction and intensity of gravitation depends upon the structure of the gamut. Gravitation of all semitones is more intensive than that of the whole tones. And in the whole-tone seconds the gravitation directed downward is more intensive than that directed upward. The steps of the mode are not only restless or restful but also mainstay or non-mainstay steps. Mainstay qualities of steps are manifested by being able to gravitate other mode tones. In this they are alike with restful tones and often run together with them. Sometimes restless steps can have mainstay qualities. Gravitating other tones to themselves, they at the same time, don't lose active direction to the mode centre.


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