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Another Look at
What Young Children Should Be Learning

ERIC Identifier: ED430735
Publication Date: 1999-06-00
Author: Katz, Lilian G.
Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary & Early Childhood Education Champaign IL.

The question of what should be learned must be addressed by all teachers at every level. In terms of broad goals, most teachers and parents readily agree that children should learn whatever will ultimately enable them to become healthy, competent, productive, and contributing members of their communities. But when it comes to the specifics of what should be learned next month, next week, or on any particular day, agreement is not so easily achieved.

The answers will depend partly on the ages of the learners. In other words, the question of what should be learned to some extent depends upon when it is to be learned. Although the what question deals with the goals and objectives of education, the when question involves considerations of what we know about the nature


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ERIC Identifier : ED430735
Дата Публікації : 1999-06-00
Автор: Katz, Ліліан G.
Джерело: ERIC Clearinghouse на Елементарному