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This chapter begins your formal investigation of the C# programming language by presenting a number
of bite-sized, stand-alone topics you must be comfortable with as you explore the .NET Framework. The
first order of business is to understand how to build your program’s application object and the
composition of an executable program’s entry point: the Main() method. Next, you will investigate the
fundamental C# data types (and their equivalent types in the System namespace) including an
examination of the System.String and System.Text.StringBuilder class types.
Once you know the details of the fundamental .NET data types, you will then examine a number of
data type conversion techniques, including narrowing operations, widening operations, and the use of
the checked and unchecked keywords.
This chapter will also examine the role of the C# var keyword, which allows you to implicitly define
local variable. As you will see later in this book, implicit typing is extremely helpful,


Ця глава починає ваше формальне дослідження C# мови програмування подарував номер
з куснути-розмірного, автономні теми ви маєте бути зручні з тим, оскільки ви досліджуєте .МЕРЕЖЕВА Структура.